DaPaaS: simplifying open data publishing and use

by Sarah on 16 Apr 2014 in announcements, dapaas, open-data, projects, publishmydata

Towards the end of last year we started work on a European collaborative project called DaPaaS (Data-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service). It aims to optimise and simplify both publication and use of Open Data across different platforms ... Read More »

Smart Data Hack Edinburgh

by Sarah on 14 Apr 2014 in learning, open-data, scotland

In February, our very own Bill went to advise at the Smart Data Hack in Edinburgh. This was a 5 day undergraduate event and we put up a prize of £250 for the best app that used government data ... Read More »

Linking up Manchester's data

by Sarah on 11 Mar 2014 in announcements, linked-data, manchester, open-data, projects, publishmydata

We’ve recently agreed to work on an exciting open data project called the GMDSP (Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme). As the name suggests, we’ll be working with authorities in the Manchester area including Manchester City Council, Salford City Council and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council. Read More »

Open Data Scotland: a Linked Data pilot study for the Scottish Government

by Sarah on 20 Jan 2014 in linked-data, open-data, projects, scotland, scottish-government, visualisation

Last month we launched Open Data Scotland - a pilot site built to showcase how Linked Open Data can make for smarter, more efficient data use. Read More »

Who's using the Internet for social good?

by Sarah on 15 Jan 2014 in linked-data, projects, publishmydata, rdf, visualisation

We've been working on a Linked Data project for Nesta which is all about organisations and activities across Europe using the internet for social good. Read More »

Our new home... and more new recruits!

by Sarah on 28 Oct 2013 in announcements, manchester, recruitment

We’ve moved office and are now sharing a newly renovated space with those lovely people at Zestia. In other good news we recently welcomed a couple more people to our team which we’re really pleased about because they are, in no uncertain terms, brilliant. Read More »

Our new 'Example Data' feature: helping you understand the structure of datasets

by Sarah on 17 Oct 2013 in linked-data, publishmydata, rdf

We’ve recently created another new feature for PublishMyData, which gives users a sneaky peak at the detail of each dataset Read More »

Take your brain to another dimension

by Sarah on 16 Aug 2013 in linked-data, publishmydata

We've recently created a rather nifty feature for our PublishMyData platform. It allows you to select, and then view, any two dimensions of your choosing from a multidimensional dataset. Read More »