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Towards the end of last year, we started work on a European collaborative project called DaPaaS (Data-and-Platform-as-a-Service). It aims to optimise and simplify both publication and use of Open Data across different platforms.

Being part of this is great for us because it’s very well aligned to our development objectives for our PublishMyData platform.

Our main role in the project is to simplify data publishing for non experts. So, we’ll be developing tools to help users create and publish Linked Data themselves. And we’ll also be working towards creating a clear methodology for data publishing that can be used in the DaPaaS system. Exciting stuff, because it’ll make Linked Data more accessible to people who don’t usually work directly with the advanced, techy side, which is one of our goals.

But the good stuff doesn’t end there. We’re fortunate to be working with some really talented people on this project including our friends at the ODI. The full list of project partners is:

You can read more about DaPaas and our consortium on the project website.

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