We recently worked with DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Govermnent) to produce an online dashboard that enables users to see how the department is performing against key indicators in priority areas:
Impact Indicators: the performance or output of public services.
Input Indicators: how the efficiency and productivity of public services are improving.


detail page

The data on the dashboard widgets and detail pages is pulled in ‘live’ from APIs on OpenDataCommunities.org (DCLG’s linked open data store, which we helped create). This data-driven approach means that as new data arrives for the indicators in the data store, the dashboard is automatically kept up to date.

Additionally, the dashboard widgets can be easily embedded into any website or blog (like we have done below) by copying and pasting a little bit of JavaScript.

embedding screenshot

As the widgets pull in data directly from the data store, figures will always be kept current. We feel this is a valuable technique for sharing interesting or useful data and we’ll blog again soon with details of how the embedding works.

(Here’s the actual embedded widget):

If you’re interested in the raw data, the relevant datasets can be found in the Business Plan section of OpenDataCommunities.

Steve Peters from DCLG has also written about the dashboard (with more background) on his own blog.

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