At Swirrl we’re working on a new platform for publishing Linked Data. (It’s called PublishMyData). It’s still at an early stage and we’d like to test our ideas against the constraints and objectives of the people who we hope might make use of it.

A good example of what we are thinking of is to create Linked Data for the 99% of datasets on that are currently Excel, CSV, PDF etc rather than RDF (see Tom Morris’s survey of formats) – though we’re not just interested in government datasets.

So if you have data you’d like to publish on the web as RDF/OWL (as well as HTML human-readable versions), but you haven’t done it because of lack of time, or lack of resources or technical knowledge – or indeed if you’ve recently been through a linked data publishing process – we’d love to hear your ideas and to find out if our initial plans are a good match for what you actually need. You can get in touch with me at or @billroberts.

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