Some great news - we’ve recently been selected to work on a new project called the Hampshire Hub, which is a partnership project for Hampshire County Council and public service providers in and around the area.

The Hub will be powered by PublishMyData and will centre around a linked datastore for open data on the web, just like our work with DCLG and Glasgow (which is coming soon as part of their future cities project). And as well as just publishing the raw data, of course we’ll be creating some cool stuff with it too.

So how will it work? Well, if you’re technical and want to use the data for an an app or web site then it’ll be available in a variety of computer formats via APIs. And for non-technical users, the whole thing will be human friendly too with filtered searches, visualisations and tools so you can publish, share and consume any data you need.

Whatever type of user you are, the whole point of the Hub is to make it easy to find and use the exact data you want in the format that you want it. You can link to the exact data you need because all of the data (including metadata and attachments) has a URL. And, because we’ll be publishing 5-star open data, you can also combine the exact data you want - whether it’s used for reference or to create apps with.

We’re really pleased to be working on this with Hampshire Council and all the other partners. They already have lots of ideas on their Protohub and this project will be an evolution of that.

Protohub site screenshot

The whole project’s a great example of how public sector organisations can use open data to their advantage. And, it’s great for PublishMyData too because we’ll be adding loads of new features to support new functionality for the Hub. If you want to read more, check out both Bill’s guest post for the current Hub and Hampshire’s post too.

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