On 1st March we’ll be starting our ‘City of Things’ project, part of the Technology Strategy Board’s ‘Internet of Things Convergence’ programme.

Our project will be looking at the application of the Internet of Things to management of the urban built environment, making cities more efficient, cleaner and safer. We’ll be looking at use cases around Manchester in particular, and have put together a great team to examine all aspects of the problem. We’ll be working with Littlestar, the Manchester Digital Laboratory, the Manchester Business School, Aberdeen University Department of Computer Science and The Customer’s Voice and collaborating closely with the Manchester Digital Development Agency, which is already running some innovative projects in this area.

As you might expect, Swirrl is particularly interested in how Linked Data can be applied effectively to Internet of Things applications. It’s a natural fit, since Linked Data involves assigning web identifiers to real world things and providing useful information about them via the internet. Alongside examining what kind of data is most valuable, we will be considering how best to provide access to it, to make it as easy as possible to use. There will be some interesting technical challenges to consider, with large quantities of rapidly changing data to deal with.

Update: if you are aware of any good examples of linked data being applied in an Internet of Things context, please let us know.

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