I’ve been at a couple of great Web of Data events in the last ten days or so.

On 13 July, I organised a Linked Data meetup in Edinburgh that I’m pleased to say went very well. Around 25 people showed up to hear interesting talks from Zach Beauvais of Talis (slides) and Paola di Maio of Strathclyde University (slides). There was a good mix of people already experienced with linked data and others who wanted to learn more about it – many of them with specific potential applications in mind.

There’s a fuller write-up at the SLDIG wiki.

Then a couple of days ago I went down to Manchester for the Vision and Media Transmission 6 event “Towards a web of data?” organised by Paul Collins of the White Room.

I presented on “Publishing Linked Data: Getting Started”. The other speakers were Paul Miller of Cloud of Data (and semantic podcaster extraordinaire) and Liz Turner of Iconomical, the creator of the well-known WhereDoesMyMoneyGo. Paul’s slides are here.

I very much enjoyed the chance to be involved and to meet with some of the thriving digital media community in Manchester.

[Credits: Manchester picture by Graham Smith, via Flickr).]

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