In March this year we launched the beta version of Linked Development. It’s a linked open data site for CABI and the DFID, which provides data all about international development projects and research.

Linked Development site screenshot

This is a slightly unusual one for us: we’re taking it on after others have worked on it in the past. It’s currently in beta release and we’re hosting it on our PublishMyData service so users can easily get hold of the data they want in both human, and machine readable, formats. So it’s comes with most of the usual benefits we offer: thematic data browsing, a SPARQL endpoint and Linked Data APIs. And, because the data’s linked, each data point has a unique identifier so users can select and combine data from different data sources to get the exact information they’re after.

We’ve also rebuilt the site’s custom Research Documents API, that was offered by the alpha version of the site to make it faster and more robust (it’s backward-compatible with the previous version).

Linked Development custom API screenshot

This site illustrates what’s possible for government organisations using linked data: it allows for collective ownership of data and data integration whilst aiming to improve audience reach and data availablility. It’s great to see linked data being embraced by an increasing number of public bodies.

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