With the recently published Digital Britain report and now Gordon Brown appointing Sir TimBL as a special advisor, is the UK Government finally starting to see the interwebs as an opportunity for economic and social improvement, rather than just as something to control?

Until recently, the stuff coming from Whitehall was all about databases for monitoring online activity and the risks of terrorism. (The resignation of Jacqui Smith/”Big Sister” will not be greatly lamented in the UK tech and civil liberties communities, though it has somewhat thrown a spanner in the works of the CCJacquiSmith campaign!) But now thankfully the agenda appears to have moved on.

Let’s hope this signifies that our politicians are starting to ‘get it’ – and I look forward to seeing a boost to the Linked Data cloud.

Coverage of the Berners-Lee announcement from Zach Beauvais, Paul Miller, Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC), Charles Arthur (Guardian).

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