We’re very pleased to be making a contribution to the Mydex Community Prototype that launched last week.

Mydex is building a Personal Data Store designed to enable people to take control of data about themselves and change the balance of power over personal information between individuals and service providers. It’s estimated that most people have commercial relationships with around 200 different suppliers and each of those hold information about you.

There is a detailed white paper here (430KB PDF).

Swirrl’s small role in the prototype project relates to giving individuals convenient personalised access to useful public data via the Mydex Personal Data Store. We’ll be using our PublishMyData platform to aggregate and organise various existing sources of useful information, then give access to this via Mydex.

An interesting aspect of this initiative is the way that Mydex has set itself up as a Community Interest Company, which gives it legal obligations to work in the interests of its community members in perpetuity. See the Mydex FAQS.

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