We’re proud to be sponsoring Open Data Camp UK - a two day event held later this month, devoted entirely to Open Data. And last week we wrote a guest post for them all about what linked open data really means and some of the practical advantages it has.

We’re happy to be sponsoring the first Open Data Camp UK and we’re looking forward to hearing, and seeing, what people are doing with Open Data. To us, as data publishers, the best thing about opening up data is the freedom it gives you to create something useful. But if you link your open data the possibilities really open up. So, in that spirit, this post is about what publishing Linked Open Data really means and some of the practical advantages it has.

Read the full article here.

Open Data Camp UK is being held February 21st and 22nd in Winchester. It’s an event with:

  • an unconference
  • story-telling
  • making stuff
  • networking
  • cake

Good stuff indeed. And if you want to hear more about the benefits of linking local open data, we have some great speakers confirmed for our event in April who have practical experience of publishing and applying open data. Register your interest here.

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