This is the third in a series of webinars run by the OpenCube Project. One of the pilot projects in OpenCube was the application of Swirrl’s PublishMyData platform to statistical data from the UK Department for Communities and Local Government. This webinar explains the challenges of accessing and combining statistical datasets from a government department, and how the tools developed in OpenCube were designed to meet those challenges.

Title: PublishMyData for publishing governmental statistical data

Date: Tuesday September 22th, 5pm UK time, (6pm CEST)

Duration: 45 minutes

Presenter: Bill Roberts, Swirrl


  • Overview of OpenCube project and summary of overall outputs (5 min)
  • Objectives (2 min)
  • Background and context: the DCLG data collection and DCLG requirements (10 min)
  • Demonstration of tools developed (15 min)
  • Ongoing work and planned improvements (5 min)
  • Questions and answers (10 min)

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