We’re delighted to announce the latest version (2.7) of PublishMyData, as seen on statistics.gov.scot, and coming to other sites soon. It has some spanking new features that let you do many good things with the open data our customers are publishing. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing more about what the features let you do but for the moment, here’s a brief run down:

The Data Cart

Designed to replicate the ease of online shopping, this tool gives you the freedom to add data from diverse datasets to a cart, then edit your choices to create and save your own custom, downloadable data selection, with a permanent URL.

Slice and dice multidimensional datasets

Within a dataset you can now view all the dimensions it has, and lock them down one by one until you get the view you want.

Data in Context

Data doesn’t stand alone. Once you’ve found the data you want, we will automatically present you with related spreadsheet views from the same dataset.


You can now view a column of geographically based data as an automatically generated thematic-map (by clicking on the column header in a spreadsheet view).

And when viewing individual statistical observations that are part of a time-series, we’ll show you the other time points in a time series line chart.

PublishMyData isn’t designed to be an exhaustive visualisation platform, but these features help users to explore and understand the data, and put it in context. Where further analysis is required, you can use other tools like the cart and the APIs to take things further.

We’re currently busy working on v2.8, which will bring further improvements to browsing multidimensional data.

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