Following on from my previous post on PublishMyData improvements, this post is all about developments for the technical users out there.

Linked Data Expert Mode

One of the features we’re most proud of is Expert Mode, which our CTO Ric wrote about for DCLG and you can check out here. Briefly, Expert Mode allows technically minded users access to extra metadata and linked data details: useful when you want to develop your own apps with the data. You can enable it by sliding a toggle switch which reveals more URIs, data types and other properties about the resource you’re viewing as well as links to get the data in a variety of machine readable formats.

Expert Mode Toggle Switch

To aid with understanding how the data is linked, we’ve added expand links in resource tables. These links look ahead to related linked data resources and are really useful when exploring the data to support writing queries or building apps.

Screenshot of Expand Links

SPARQL Syntax Highlighting

And to help you once you actually get down to writing SPARQL, we’ve added syntax highlighting to the sparql endpoint page. There are line numbers too, which make it easier to find where you’ve gone wrong if you get an error message. Each site can be configured with a set of relevant prefixes to make it easier to read and write SPARQL and URIs.

Sparql prefixes

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