We’ve been squirreling away recently to improve and refine our linked data publishing platform, PublishMyData. It’s been a busy summer and there are a good few changes, so this is the first of two posts about what we’ve built and how it helps you as an open data user. This first, post focuses on data browsing, site customisation, and documentation.

Folder-based browsing

You can see an example of how we’ve improved data browsing on OpenDataCommunites, DCLG’s PublishMyData-powered linked open data site.

Open Data Communities Screenshot of Thematic Folders

Choose a folder of interest (e.g. Housing Market) and you’re taken straight to a list of datasets within that folder.

Although you can’t see it on OpenDataCommunities yet, folders can be nested and multiple folder hierarchies can be set up (for example for browsing by theme or organisation).


We know how important branding is, so with that in mind, we’ve made PublishMyData more easily skinnable. Now, when someone publishes their data with PublishMyData, the site can be more easily styled to align with their brand. Again, you can see this in action on OpenDataCommunities which is now stylistically more in line with DCLG’s main site.

Open Data Communities Screenshot of Homepage


Finally, we’ve updated the developer documentation for PublishMyData and added a version history, so you see what’s changed recently.

Publish My Data Version History Screenshot

As you can see, PublishMyData is evolving. There’ll be more to come soon with features such as dataset attachments, and a search facility which will let you go straight to the dataset you’re after, without having to browse at all.

Edit: Part 2 is here.

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