We are pleased to announce that UK public sector organisations can now buy our hosted PublishMyData service through Cloudstore. This is a new initiative, set up by the UK government G-Cloud Programme, to simplify the process of buying cloud based ICT services for public sector organisations.

As regular readers of this blog will know, PublishMyData is Swirrl’s Linked Data publishing platform, which we offer as a hosted supported service, together with associated implementation and consultancy. As more government organisations are now starting to publish linked data as part of their open data strategy, we aim to make that as simple for them as possible by looking after the technology and maintenance, letting the data owners concentrate on the data itself.

The Cloudstore site has a detailed explanation of how the buying process works and a list of which organisations are eligible to use Cloudstore – it’s a very comprehensive list of UK public sector organisations. G-Cloud is very much for the whole public sector, not just central government.

You can find all the details of our Cloudstore offering here. Just search for Swirrl or PublishMyData.

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