We’re happy to announce that Swirrl, in partnership with Lockheed Martin, has been awarded a contract with the Scottish Government’s Statistics Group to help them create a linked open data platform. Earlier this year we worked on OpenDataScotland, a pilot study designed to showcase how linked, open data could power smarter, more transparent and efficient data use. Now the Scottish Government is taking the next step and creating a new Scottish open data platform, based around Linked Data. It will initially be the new home for Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics data, with plans to expand to other collections of data later.

Open Data Scotland

We’ll be using our PublishMyData publishing platform and Grafter data transformation tools to allow the Scottish Government to load, manage and publish 5-star open data on the Web.

The platform will open up Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics to a new technical audience: all data will be available in a range of machine-readable formats via APIs (including a SPARQL endpoint) for those who want to reuse the data in their own systems and applications.

But ease of use - for a variety of audiences of differing technical abilities - is also at the forefront of our minds, and we’ll be incorporating various ways to search, explore, and compare the data, including via interactive visualisations. By linking up the data and creating a user-friendly interface, anyone will be able to find and combine exactly the information they need.

We’re delighted to be working on this project, and that the Scottish Government is choosing to invest in a Linked Data based platform. Gregor Boyd blogged about how the pilot practically helped him, and that’s the essence of what we believe in too: data can be really useful once it’s open for use and easy to find. Watch this space!

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