At the recent Open Knowledge Scotland meeting, Paola di Maio suggested setting up a Scottish interest group on linked data. Jeff Pan and I agreed with her and we decided to give it a try. I’ve volunteered to organise the first meeting.

We know that there’s a lot of interesting work going on in Scotland in this field and we want to provide an informal forum for people in the area to get together and exchange ideas – and hopefully encourage others to get involved.

Our initial discussions have led us to the following concept:

  • an emphasis on connecting different groups: people who have data to share, people who want to use data and people with tools for working with linked data. We want to help them to work together to achieve great things
  • a roughly 50/50 split of presentations and time for discussions and networking, in an informal friendly atmosphere
  • rotate the venue around the main cities of Scotland so we share out the travelling and access a big enough group of people to make the meetups work
  • meetings roughly four times a year

For the first meeting, I’m thinking of an evening meeting (probably 7pm-9pm) in Edinburgh, provisionally mid July, but I’d like to hear your ideas and preferences.

To get an idea of likely numbers, please leave a comment on this blog, or email me direct to let me know if you are interested in coming, whether you’d like to help organise this or subsequent meetups, whether you have something you want to present, what topics you’d like to see discussed and any thoughts you have on the way we should run the meetings. Thanks!

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