We are pleased to announce that we were recently awarded a contract to work on a production version of DCLG’s open data initiative, OpenDataCommunities. This exciting project was awarded through G-Cloud, and we are delighted that the department chose us to help them execute their vision for open data.

The current version of OpenDataCommunities is a Linked Open Data pilot study, which we began work on over a year ago. It provides a selection of Local Government statistics, as well as supporting geographical data, released under the Open Government Licence.

The new project will establish a sustainable and reliable way that DCLG themselves can publish their data. We’ll be working with the department to create internal APIs for streamlining and automating the data publishing process.

We are also learning about how people want to use the open data and encouraging more people to use it. So, in addition to the technical tasks, we will be involved in fostering partnerships and building relationships amongst data owners and users. Importantly, DCLG is now committed to maintaining this service, which means that data users can rely on it being available into the future.

The public-facing service will be an evolution of the existing OpenDataCommunities, but we will be basing it on a brand new, open source version of our Linked Data publishing platform, PublishMyData (more details coming soon!). As such, the initial release of the new service, in about a month, will see the removal of a few existing features, providing us with a solid base on which to build new data-browsing and discovery tools, for a broad range of users.

We will also be publishing a large amount of new data over the coming months.

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