To go with our recent website re-design, we’ve migrated this Swirrl blog to it’s new Jekyll-powered home.

Rather than try to keep up a regular blogging routine in multiple places (which we weren’t doing very well at, to be honest!), we decided to consolidate some of our other blogs into one place here at i.e. LearnLinkedData, Bill’s WebOfDataBlog and my own personal site.

Aside: Hopefully this explains any strange behaviour you might have seen in your feed-reader for these blogs!

Anyway, while we were going through all our old posts I came a across a few that I thought would be worth revisiting.

Many of the issues we were discussing several years ago are still as relevant today as they were then. We’ve managed to find solutions to some, but some are just as important as ever. I can’t believe we were already extolling the virtues of Linked Data nearly four years ago.

How to Put Your Data Online, June 2009

Further to the news the other day that Berners-Lee is advising the UK government on how to get more of its data online, Sir Tim has now published a straightforward how-to guide: Putting Government Data online.

What Makes Good Linked Data, October 2009

Linked data should follow the established design principles, but that still leaves many ways to represent your data as RDF. Which is the ‘best’ way? How do we decide if our approach is good or bad? How do we improve? So here’s my first attempt at quality criteria for linked data.

Public Sector Open Data: Big Problems Still to Solve, July 2010

We’re in the very early days of the UK government’s new approach to open data. While it seems to be going in the right direction and progress has in many respects been remarkably quick (eg this recent announcement on public sector transparency), clearly we still have a lot to learn and many problems to overcome. We in the tech community need to provide better software tools to assist the publishing process. They need to work alongside existing systems, not replace them, otherwise uptake will be impractically slow.

RDF Datasets And Graphs, August 2010

I think we need to establish a common practice to link RDF datasets and named graphs.

(This articles describes a similar approach to what we ultimately settled on for PublishMyData.)

What is Linked Data? March 2011

I suspect many of our readers may already have a black belt in Linked Data, but for others it’s all new, so I thought it was worth explaining what Linked Data means to me. The definitive description is Tim Berners-Lee’s Design Issues document, but I’ll try to illustrate what this means in practice.

Introduction to RDF January 2012

Linked Data is based around describing real world things using RDF. A lot of articles about Linked Data assume you already know what RDF is all about: if you are coming to it for the first time, this article explains the basics.

We’ll be continuing to post more of these kinds of tutorial, news and opinion articles on this blog in the future.

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