Great news! We’ve moved office and are now sharing a newly renovated space with those lovely people at Zestia, creators of Capsule CRM. Our new home is on Dale Street, just down the road from TechHub Manchester and round the corner from our friends at MadLab. So we’re much closer to Manchester Piccadilly station now and (crucially) to all the fine coffee establishments the Northern Quarter has to offer.

Here’s a snapshot of Bill and Ric shortly after moving in:

bill and ric in the new office

… and the building from the street:

20 Dale Street

In other good news we recently welcomed a couple more people to our team which we’re really pleased about because they are, in no uncertain terms, brilliant.

Rick Moynihan, an experienced software engineer, has worked for several semantic web startups in the past and is skilled at both front and back-end development. He runs a functional programming club at Madlab called Lambda Lounge and is passionate about innovative technologies that solve problems in elegant, effective ways.

Guy Hilton brings design and creative wizardry to our team. He joins Swirrl after a year’s sabbatical building performing robots. Previously he was Creative Lead for eight years at a serially award-winning Manchester digital agency. He continues to divide his time between interaction design and theatre commissions and wears a lot of black for somebody whose main job is colouring things in.

We had a Swirrl record of seven people working for Swirrl in the office for a couple of days the other week. Imagine that. Good job we’ve moved or it would have been like elephants in a mini.

Visit our website to find out more about our current team and new location.

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