As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I participated in the Developing Solutions Camp in Gravesend, run by Kent Connects (an alliance of public service providers in Kent).

I originally intended to attend in the role of mentor/“critical friend”, but everyone seemed to know what they were doing, so I formed an ad-hoc team with Matthew Kerr and Glyn Davies (of Kent County Council), and Nathan Carr (of Swale borough council).

We worked on a prototype for the Learning Game, one of the ideas that had been proposed before the event, and ended up winning top-prize in the Mobile App category! There was a small cash prize, and the opportunity to develop the idea further with the help of Kent Business School. I’m looking forward to see where we can take the prototype. This article on Open Kent describes our prototype (which we dubbed Learning QuRve) in more detail.

Here’s a video recorded at the end of the event featuring comments from myself, the organisers, and the winners of the other prize available on the day (for the Open Data Challenge category). I was losing my voice on the day, so I was having trouble speaking clearly in the video!

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