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More Speakers for our 'Data-Driven Decisions' event: Manchester 26 May

by Sarah on 05 May 2016 in announcements, data, events, linked-data, open

With just a couple of weeks to go ‘til our Data-Driven Decisions event in Manchester, we’ve released a new wave of tickets and have recently announced these fab speakers. Read More »

Swirrl awarded new Scottish Government linked open data project

by Sarah on 03 Nov 2014 in announcements, linked-data, open-data, scottish-government

We’re happy to announce that we’ve been awarded a contract with the Scottish Government’s Statistics Group to help them create a linked open data platform. Earlier this year we worked on, a pilot study designed to showcase how linked, open data could power smarter, more transparent and efficient data use. Now the Scottish Government taking the next step and creating a new Scottish open data platform, based around Linked Data. Read More »

PublishMyData 2.0: Features for Technical Users

by Sarah on 21 Oct 2014 in announcements, linked-data, publishmydata

This is the second, more technical, post about the new features and improvements to PublishMyData. In it I'll be looking at Expert Mode; SPARQL query features and redesigned dataset and vocabulary pages. Read More »

PublishMyData is Evolving: 2.0 is out!

by Sarah on 20 Oct 2014 in announcements, linked-data, publishmydata

It's been a busy summer, and there are a good few changes to PublishMyData, so this is the first of two posts about what we've built and how it helps you as an open data user. Read More »

OpenDataCommunities relaunch with design refresh and improved data browsing

by Sarah on 11 Sep 2014 in announcements, dclg, linked-data, open-data, projects

This week we released a refreshed version of OpenDataCommunities, DCLG's linked open data site. It’s now stylistically more in line with the main brand, we've improved the navigation, there's a blog and we've upgraded the data platform to the v2 of our PublishMyData platform, making it easier to access and use the data you want. Read More »

Linked Development: Linked Data from CABI and DFID

by Sarah on 08 Aug 2014 in announcements, linked-data, projects, publishmydata

In March we launched the beta version of Linked Development - an open, linked data site for CABI and the DFID which provides data all about international develeopment projects and research. Read More »

GMDSP: Phase 2

by Sarah on 26 Jun 2014 in announcements, linked-data, manchester, open-data, projects, publishmydata

The GMDSP project is entering a new phase after the successful first release of the data at the hack event held in March. Read More »

The Hampshire Hub: open and linked data for Hampshire

by Sarah on 10 Jun 2014 in announcements, hampshire-hub, linked-data, open-data

Some great news: We've recently been awarded a new project called the Hampshire Hub - a partnership project for Hampshire County Council and public service providers in and around the area. Read More »

More new recruits

by Sarah on 06 May 2014 in announcements, recruitment

So this week is a great week for Swirrl because we’re welcoming more people to our (increasingly large) linked-data loving family. Read More »

Open Cube: Making publishing statistics easier

by Sarah on 24 Apr 2014 in announcements, linked-data, opencube, projects, publishmydata, visualisation

We’ve recently started work on another European collaborative project called OpenCube. This project’s all about making open statistical data easier to publish, link and reuse so it can reach its full potential. Read More »

Swirrl and the ODI

by Sarah on 18 Apr 2014 in announcements, open-data, the-odi

Some great news: we’ve recently become members of the Open Data Institute Read More »

DaPaaS: simplifying open data publishing and use

by Sarah on 16 Apr 2014 in announcements, dapaas, open-data, projects, publishmydata

Towards the end of last year we started work on a European collaborative project called DaPaaS (Data-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service). It aims to optimise and simplify both publication and use of Open Data across different platforms ... Read More »

Linking up Manchester's data

by Sarah on 11 Mar 2014 in announcements, linked-data, manchester, open-data, projects, publishmydata

We’ve recently agreed to work on an exciting open data project called the GMDSP (Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme). As the name suggests, we’ll be working with authorities in the Manchester area including Manchester City Council, Salford City Council and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council. Read More »

Our new home... and more new recruits!

by Sarah on 28 Oct 2013 in announcements, manchester, recruitment

We’ve moved office and are now sharing a newly renovated space with those lovely people at Zestia. In other good news we recently welcomed a couple more people to our team which we’re really pleased about because they are, in no uncertain terms, brilliant. Read More »

Welcome, new recruits!

by Sarah on 13 Aug 2013 in announcements, recruitment

We’ve been busy bees recently and have, happily, found some seriously talented people to work with us: we thought we should introduce them to you. Read More »

Swirrl Blog: A Retrospective

by Ric on 29 Jul 2013 in announcements, learning, linked-data, opinion, rdf

As part of our recent website redesign, we decided to consolidate some of our other blogs into one place, here at, rather than try to keep up a regular blogging routine in multiple places. While we were going through all our old posts I came a across a few that I thought would be worth revisiting. Read More »

PublishMyData now available through G-Cloud

by Ric on 15 Nov 2012 in announcements, g-cloud, policy, publishmydata

We are pleased to announce that UK public sector organisations can now buy our hosted PublishMyData service through Cloudstore. This is a new initiative, set up by the UK government G-Cloud Programme, to simplify the process of buying cloud based ICT services for public sector organisations. Read More »

Swirrl is Hiring! Help shape the Future of Linked Open Data

by Ric on 18 Sep 2012 in announcements, recruitment

We've seen strong demand for our services since launching our Linked Data Publishing platform, PublishMyData and now we need some extra help. So we're looking for someone to join our small team here in Manchester (UK), either on a permanent or long-term contract basis. Read More » Homeless Hack Day Winners!

by Ric on 19 Jun 2012 in announcements, hackday, open-data

At the weekend I attended the Homeless Hack day organised by the Government Digital Service and my team won! Read More »

Open Data Challenge prize for Manchester bus data

by Ric on 17 Jun 2011 in announcements, hackday, linked-data, manchester, open-data

We were really pleased to hear yesterday that we were the winners of the Talis Award for Linked Data, one of the prizes in the Open Data Challenge, a Europe-wide competition run by the Open Knowledge Foundation and the Open Forum Academy. Read More »

PublishMyData: Linked Data Publishing Platform

by Bill on 16 Nov 2010 in announcements, linked-data, publishmydata

This week we launched an early version of our new Linked Data publishing platform, PublishMyData. Read More »

Swirrl Gets SMARTer

by Bill on 27 Jul 2010 in announcements, funding, publishmydata, scotland

We're pleased to say that we have recently received a grant from Scottish Enterprise via itsSMART:Scotland programme, which provides support for small and medium businesses to carry out innovative R&D projects. The money will help us in the process of developing our new PublishMyData linked data publishing platform. Read More »