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Category: data-modelling

What is Linked Data?

by Ric on 10 Mar 2011 in data-modelling, learning, linked-data, rdf

I suspect many of our readers may already have a black belt in Linked Data, but for others it's all new, so I thought it was worth explaining what Linked Data means to me. The definitive description is Tim Berners-Lee's Design Issues document, but I'll try to illustrate what this means in practice. Read More »

Linked Data File Format Registry

by Bill on 03 Nov 2010 in data-modelling, linked-data, opinion, projects

I'm currently doing some linked data consultancy for the Open Planets Foundation (OPF). I'm helping to investigate the options for using linked data for a registry of file format information, part of the toolbox needed for long-term preservation of digital material by 'memory institutions' like archives and libraries. Read More »

RDF Datasets and Named Graphs

by Bill on 24 Aug 2010 in data-modelling, linked-data, opinion, rdf

I think we need to establish a common practice to link RDF datasets and named graphs. I've been working recently on discovery of linked data: how people can find out easily what is available and how they can use it, either directly or by building it into new applications. Read More »