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New Deprivation Data and Apps for OpenDataCommunities

by Sarah on 19 Nov 2015 in data, dclg, linked, open-data, publishmydata

At the end of September, DCLG published the new 2015 data for the Index of Multiple Deprivation on This is one of the most widely used government datasets, so we're really excited to help make it available in a range of machine readable ways. Read More »

Joined Up Data for Joined Up Problem Solving

by Sarah on 05 Nov 2014 in dclg, linked-data, open-data, the-odi

This week, the Open Data Institute published a post I wrote on how open, linked data can improve collaboration and extend data reach. In it, I focus on DCLG's relaunched and rebranded site, OpenDataCommunities. Read More »

OpenDataCommunities relaunch with design refresh and improved data browsing

by Sarah on 11 Sep 2014 in announcements, dclg, linked-data, open-data, projects

This week we released a refreshed version of OpenDataCommunities, DCLG's linked open data site. It’s now stylistically more in line with the main brand, we've improved the navigation, there's a blog and we've upgraded the data platform to the v2 of our PublishMyData platform, making it easier to access and use the data you want. Read More »

Open Data Communities: New Features

by Sarah on 09 Jul 2014 in dclg, linked-data, open-data, projects

Over the last few months we’ve added some new features on the Open Data Communities site that we continue to run and develop for DCLG. The Statistics Selector and the Geography Selector both make it easy to cherry pick and combine the exact data you need from across all the datasets on the site... Read More »

Swirrl awarded new DCLG Linked Open Data contract

by Ric on 04 Mar 2013 in dclg, linked-data, open-data, projects

We are pleased to announce that we were recently awarded a contract to work on a production version of DCLG's open data initiative, OpenDataCommunities. Read More »

DCLG Impact and Input Indicators Dashboard

by Ric on 06 Feb 2013 in dclg, open-data, projects, visualisation

We recently worked with DCLG (Department for Communities and Local Govermnent) to produce an online dashboard that enables users to see how the department is performing against key indicators. Read More »

Visualising Open Data on local authorities

by Bill on 21 May 2012 in dclg, linked-data, open-data, projects, visualisation

To help illustrate what kind of data visualisations were possible with the DCLG's new linked open data site, and demonstrate one approach to doing it, we built a Local Authority Dashboard. Read More »

New Linked Data Site for DCLG

by Ric on 02 May 2012 in dclg, linked-data, open-data, projects, publishmydata

We've been hard at work recently creating a new linked open data site for the UK Department for Communities and Local Government. This is a major overhaul and extension of the OpenDataCommunities site that we first set up last year, with a new design, lots more data and new features aimed at making access to the data easier. Read More »

IMD Mapper: a new Linked Data and JavaScript app

by Bill on 26 Sep 2011 in dclg, deprivation, javascript, linked-data, open-data, projects, visualisation

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about an app that DCLG's Steve Peters built for visualising the Indices of Multiple Deprivation data. We've just released an app of our own: the IMD Mapper Read More »

Visualisations and Linked Open Data

by Bill on 12 Sep 2011 in dclg, deprivation, linked-data, open-data, visualisation

Last week Steve Peters announced his excellent visualisation app for the English Indices of Multiple Deprivation. It allows you to explore the deprivation rankings in various domains, highlighting the most and least deprived areas in the country. Read More »