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Category: internet-of-things

Energy use Open Data for Scottish Government Buildings

by Ric on 08 Jun 2012 in internet-of-things, linked-data, open-data, projects, scotland, scottish-government

A project that we carried out last autumn for the Scottish Government went live a couple of months ago, as part of the a platform for disclosure on the sustainability performance of the Scottish Government Estate. We worked closely with the Head of Data Standards at the Scottish Government, to put together a Linked Data site holding half-hourly electricity and gas consumption data from Scottish Government Buildings. Read More »

Linked Data and the Internet of Things

by Bill on 30 Jan 2012 in internet-of-things, linked-data, open-data, projects

On 1st March we'll be starting our 'City of Things' project, part of the Technology Strategy Board's Internet of Things Convergence programme. Our project will be looking at the application of the Internet of Things to management of the urban built environment. Read More »