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Category: open-source

Read and Write RDF in your Rails apps

by Ric on 05 Mar 2013 in code, learning, linked-data, open-source, publishmydata, rdf, ruby, tripod

As we've long been promising, we've started to release some open source code to help people publish and consume Linked Open Data. The first component that we'd like to talk about is Tripod, an RDF and SPARQL ORM, designed for use in Ruby-on-Rails apps. Read More »

Freeing Data with Free Software

by Ric on 17 Oct 2011 in open-source, opinion, speaking

I'm going to be giving a talk tomorrow at the Manchester Free Software Group meetup at the Madlab tomorrow night (Tues, 18th Oct at 7pm). I'll be exploring the benefits and pitfalls of using free software to build Swirrl's Linked Data platform for publishing open data, PublishMyData Read More »