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PublishMyData v2.7: What can it do for me?

by Sarah on 29 Mar 2016 in data, linked, open-data, publishmydata

We’re delighted to announce the latest version of PublishMyData. It has some spanking new features that let you do many good things with the open data our customers are publishing. Over the next few weeks I’ll be writing example posts about what the features let you do but for the moment, here’s a brief run down. Read More »

Publish a Linked-Data-powered Google Chart on the Web in under 10 steps

by Sarah on 15 Mar 2016 in data, linked, open-data, publishmydata, scottish-government

In this post I use the site to show how it’s possible to find specific data, and create and share a Google chart which uses it. In this example I’m looking at using data to inform where I should work in Scotland. Read More »

Surrey County Council launch linked open data platform

by Sarah on 19 Jan 2016 in data, linked, open-data, publishmydata

We've been working with Surrey County Council to create Surrey Open Data - a pilot open data site which initially addresses the local government transparency code but with more to come over the next few months. Read More »

New Deprivation Data and Apps for OpenDataCommunities

by Sarah on 19 Nov 2015 in data, dclg, linked, open-data, publishmydata

At the end of September, DCLG published the new 2015 data for the Index of Multiple Deprivation on This is one of the most widely used government datasets, so we're really excited to help make it available in a range of machine readable ways. Read More »

Open Data Camp UK v2.0

by Sarah on 09 Oct 2015 in open-data, publishmydata

Open Data Camp UK have published one of my posts telling you a bit about our sponsorship of the upcoming OD Camp in Manchester. The second camp of the year; it’ll be held on the 10-11 October and we'll be there as sponsors and attendees. Read More »

Scottish Statistics Beta - over 1 billion Scottish facts!

by Sarah on 10 Jul 2015 in data, linked, open-data, publishmydata, scottish-government

We’re happy to say that the new Scottish Statistics website is now publicly available! Currently in beta, it’ll soon replace Scottish Neighbourhood Statistics. It is our largest site (by data volumes) so far with over 1 billion facts being published to a 5 star standard through our PublishMyData service. Read More »

PublishMyData 2.0: Features for Technical Users

by Sarah on 21 Oct 2014 in announcements, linked-data, publishmydata

This is the second, more technical, post about the new features and improvements to PublishMyData. In it I'll be looking at Expert Mode; SPARQL query features and redesigned dataset and vocabulary pages. Read More »

PublishMyData is Evolving: 2.0 is out!

by Sarah on 20 Oct 2014 in announcements, linked-data, publishmydata

It's been a busy summer, and there are a good few changes to PublishMyData, so this is the first of two posts about what we've built and how it helps you as an open data user. Read More »

Arts API: The First Workshop

by Sarah on 30 Sep 2014 in artsapi, nesta, projects, publishmydata

Last week saw the first Arts API project workshop, which was hosted in Manchester by FutureEverything. Read More »

Data for the Arts

by Sarah on 22 Sep 2014 in artsapi, nesta, projects, publishmydata

Along with Future Everything, Dundee University and a range of arts organisations, we’ve recently agreed to collaborate on a new research project. It aims to help arts organisations make the most of the data stored within their existing networks to improve their services, efficiency, and decision making. Read More »

Linked Development: Linked Data from CABI and DFID

by Sarah on 08 Aug 2014 in announcements, linked-data, projects, publishmydata

In March we launched the beta version of Linked Development - an open, linked data site for CABI and the DFID which provides data all about international develeopment projects and research. Read More »

GMDSP: Phase 2

by Sarah on 26 Jun 2014 in announcements, linked-data, manchester, open-data, projects, publishmydata

The GMDSP project is entering a new phase after the successful first release of the data at the hack event held in March. Read More »

Open Cube: Making publishing statistics easier

by Sarah on 24 Apr 2014 in announcements, linked-data, opencube, projects, publishmydata, visualisation

We’ve recently started work on another European collaborative project called OpenCube. This project’s all about making open statistical data easier to publish, link and reuse so it can reach its full potential. Read More »

DaPaaS: simplifying open data publishing and use

by Sarah on 16 Apr 2014 in announcements, dapaas, open-data, projects, publishmydata

Towards the end of last year we started work on a European collaborative project called DaPaaS (Data-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service). It aims to optimise and simplify both publication and use of Open Data across different platforms ... Read More »

Linking up Manchester's data

by Sarah on 11 Mar 2014 in announcements, linked-data, manchester, open-data, projects, publishmydata

We’ve recently agreed to work on an exciting open data project called the GMDSP (Greater Manchester Data Synchronisation Programme). As the name suggests, we’ll be working with authorities in the Manchester area including Manchester City Council, Salford City Council and Trafford Metropolitan Borough Council. Read More »

Who's using the Internet for social good?

by Sarah on 15 Jan 2014 in linked-data, projects, publishmydata, rdf, visualisation

We've been working on a Linked Data project for Nesta which is all about organisations and activities across Europe using the internet for social good. Read More »

Our new 'Example Data' feature: helping you understand the structure of datasets

by Sarah on 17 Oct 2013 in linked-data, publishmydata, rdf

We’ve recently created another new feature for PublishMyData, which gives users a sneaky peak at the detail of each dataset Read More »

Take your brain to another dimension

by Sarah on 16 Aug 2013 in linked-data, publishmydata

We've recently created a rather nifty feature for our PublishMyData platform. It allows you to select, and then view, any two dimensions of your choosing from a multidimensional dataset. Read More »

Hampshire Land Supply Linked Data

by Ric on 11 Mar 2013 in hampshire, linked-data, open-data, projects, publishmydata, visualisation

A short time ago we produced a Linked Data site for Hampshire County Council. We modelled their planned home building plans over the next six years as Linked Data and published it through PublishMyData. Read More »

Read and Write RDF in your Rails apps

by Ric on 05 Mar 2013 in code, learning, linked-data, open-source, publishmydata, rdf, ruby, tripod

As we've long been promising, we've started to release some open source code to help people publish and consume Linked Open Data. The first component that we'd like to talk about is Tripod, an RDF and SPARQL ORM, designed for use in Ruby-on-Rails apps. Read More »

SmartJourney: Realtime Travel and weather for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire

by Ric on 21 Dec 2012 in aberdeen, linked-data, mobile, open-data, projects, publishmydata, scotland, visualisation

A couple of weeks ago, we launched SmartJourney. Built in collaboration with Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils, and part-funded by Nesta, SmartJourney combines crowd-sourced and official information and weather and travel conditions in the North-East of Scotland. Read More »

PublishMyData now available through G-Cloud

by Ric on 15 Nov 2012 in announcements, g-cloud, policy, publishmydata

We are pleased to announce that UK public sector organisations can now buy our hosted PublishMyData service through Cloudstore. This is a new initiative, set up by the UK government G-Cloud Programme, to simplify the process of buying cloud based ICT services for public sector organisations. Read More »

New Linked Data Site for DCLG

by Ric on 02 May 2012 in dclg, linked-data, open-data, projects, publishmydata

We've been hard at work recently creating a new linked open data site for the UK Department for Communities and Local Government. This is a major overhaul and extension of the OpenDataCommunities site that we first set up last year, with a new design, lots more data and new features aimed at making access to the data easier. Read More »

PublishMyData Day 1

by Bill on 17 Nov 2010 in linked-data, publishmydata

PublishMyData, our Linked Data publishing platform, has been live for half a day now and nothing has broken yet, so we're calling Day 1 a success. Read More »

PublishMyData: Linked Data Publishing Platform

by Bill on 16 Nov 2010 in announcements, linked-data, publishmydata

This week we launched an early version of our new Linked Data publishing platform, PublishMyData. Read More »

Swirrl Gets SMARTer

by Bill on 27 Jul 2010 in announcements, funding, publishmydata, scotland

We're pleased to say that we have recently received a grant from Scottish Enterprise via itsSMART:Scotland programme, which provides support for small and medium businesses to carry out innovative R&D projects. The money will help us in the process of developing our new PublishMyData linked data publishing platform. Read More »

Video: TechCrunch/ interview at EIE10

by Ric on 23 May 2010 in events, fun, publishmydata

At the Engage Invest Exploit 2010 a couple of weeks ago, I was interviewed by Hermione Way about our new service, Publish My Data. Read More »

Got data, want Linked Data?

by Bill on 31 Mar 2010 in linked-data, projects, publishmydata

At Swirrl we're working on a new platform for publishing Linked Data. (It's called PublishMyData). It's still at an early stage and we'd like to test our ideas against the constraints and objectives of the people who we hope might make use of it. Read More »